Fall Foliage at Ringwood State Park, New Jersey

One comforting thing in the midst of all the chaos is that seasons stay the same and fall colors is a sigh of relief to unplug and enjoy the beauty of Mother earth. We went to Ringwood State Park today for fall foliage. Although only few trees have turned colors, it was a pure sight of beauty. I’ve been living in New Jersey for 7 years, I’m surprised that I haven’t visited this place before. We were able to see only very small part of the park, so I’m sure we will be visiting next time, may be in the next few weekends!!

Outfit details and links to the products are at the end of the post

Outfit Details :
Skirt – I’ve been in the hunt for pleated skirt for some time, saw this ankle length skirt in Uniqlo last month, got it immediately although my original lookout was for midi length skirt. So the skirt came in mail yesterday, I had to wear it.
Sweater – Anticipating slightly cold weather, I chose to wear this orange sweater from Banana Republic that I got last year, its still available and in sale for $37
Shoes – Adidas Stans Smith

Dstylebook xoxo

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