Shop small this Diwali: Shopping and Gift-Guide for Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and we know our celebrations will be muted because of the pandemic. Thanks to the technology, we can at-least connect to our loved ones virtually and send gifts online.

This past year, along with investing in good quality pieces, I’ve made a priority to shop small and local whenever I have an option. This doesn’t mean I have shopped less, actually did the opposite and I dont regret a single purchase. I’ve spent more time on researching about local brands that fit both my lifestyle and bill. This small exercise helped me find some amazing stores and the variety of products they offer at affordable price that I was otherwise ignoring unintentionally.

I have curated this list of small businesses that carry products specially for occasions like Diwali. This list has wide variety of small businesses that you can shop for yourself and also can gift your family and friends. I’ve shopped from some of these businesses personally, happy with the products and customer experience. Some I’ve come across through Instagram, scrolling through their page, amazed by their creativity, the product line and great causes some of them support and some locally and some online.

This post is not sponsored, I personally curated them to voice out my support. Supporting small businesses in my opinion is supporting creativity, entrepreneurship and diversifying the consumer options.

Happy Shopping!! After all its Diwali

Desi Favors

Desi Favors is a one-stop shop for all festive items like decors, candles and gift packages. I personally shopped from them for festivals, happy with the variety and quality. I highly recommend them for decor, especially items like flower garlands, you might not get fresh marigolds like every year. They sell both on their website and Amazon

All Things Artistic

As their name goes, they have all artistic things like these brass candle holders, chai trays, cutting glasses and more. They sell on instagram and have a very good customer service.
Shop here


Ombox is a new business that was created with the intention of making festival gifting easy. You basically pay for a box and they will curate all essentials like Diyas, Mixed nuts, rangoli colors and a stencil like shown in this picture and send you the gift box right in time for Diwali.
Shop here


ThePurppleCloset is a woman owned Indian boutique based in Chicago. They are popular for custom design lehengas and modern silhouettes. If you are like me, looking for unique outfits to wear for your virtual celebrations, this is the store. They sell only on Instagram right now, and their response time is very quick, one of the rare experiences in Instagram. I have a coupon code for you if you want to shop` – “Dstylebook” for 10% discount
Shop here

OmNama Fashion

Omnama Fashion is a woman owned small retail clothing business, managed by Shweta. Its a hub to a wide variety of traditional wears, based in Aurora, Colorado and running successfully for 9 yrs. She recently expanded to online and already scoring customers’ hearts. I had an opportunity to collaborate with her and created this look, she is such a nice person to work with and customer service is at the top. Check out her page and mention “Dstylebook” to get a free pair of jhuttis with your purchase


ShopCraftBazaar is a woman owned handbag brand, managed by Shachi. She makes beautiful beaded clutches, potli bags and statement pieces like this one, perfect to go with Diwali outfits and can also make a perfect Diwali git. All these bags are handmade in India and sold from Seattle, Washington. They’re currently sold on both Instagram and Amazon

Scrumptious Wicks

What’s Diwali without Candles and better, the smell that transports you to home. Scrumptious Wicks is a woman owned business, managed by Sonya. She founded this business out of necessity. She makes these candles with soy wax and use high quality ingredients for toxic free cleaner burn.
Shop here


How is it Diwali without sweets!! Simply Mithai took festive sweets to next level with their Mithai Bonbons. Each Bonbon is made with fresh ingredients and is a true form of art. They look beautiful and yummy which makes it perfect for Diwali Gift boxes

I hope this list was helpful to find the items that you are specifically looking for Diwali and shop from these small businesses. I also hope to expand this list beyond festivals in the future and share them with you.

If you find it helpful, let me know by leaving your feedback in the comments and share it with people who might find this helpful.

DStylebook xoxo
Celebrate Diwali small this time!!

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