January favorites

Hello lovelies,

From this year, I am starting the series of monthly favorites. Since it is just February and my first favorites post, I am sharing more kind of my most favorite products/stuff rather than monthly favorites.


Clarins – DAY cream with SPF 20: I had bad skin rashes on my face before my trip to India during October. I was going all crazy on testing out new facial creams then, so I thought I will just put a hold on that and just pick a face cream that I will swear on. This is the one, it helped me with the rash problem and my skin stayed clear. I just wash my face in the morning and I will apply this on my face, that is my skin care for past 3 months. Also, I went makeup free for 2 months which might have helped with rashes too. Point is you should always have sunscreen on no matter if you are staying home or not going out in the sun. This cream is good for daily use, I have sensitive and combination skin and it works wonder on my skin.

Soap & Glory Hand cream and scrub: I shopped this when I was waiting for my connecting flight in Dubai. I love their package, looks so pretty. I know how great their products are, I always wanted to try. I just want to start with simple products, remember not testing anything on face again. I picked up their hand cream and scrub, I am using the hand cream daily and I love the scrub.

Bite lipsticks: I bought this package of four lipsticks last year during thanksgiving time, my favorite one is red. Handsdown, my favorite lipstick so far. I have been using them literally everyday in December and January.

Tarte Blush: This is the only blush I swear on at present. It goes well with my complexion.

EOS lip balm: I am a big lip-balm person. You can always catch me applying lip-balm on my lips. EOS is my all time favorite and I love their package


Favorite book – Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harai: I picked up my reading habit recently during christmas time, this happened to be my first book. I think it came on right time and became my favorite, I have reviewed this book here.

Favorite video/movie – Captain Fantastic: I watched this recently on my netflix DVD rental although it came out last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, there is so much thought-provoking laughter throughout the movie. This movie is about a family of father and 6 children who lead their life in a forest completely far away from modern urban living. It is an interesting concept of upbringing children in a old fashion hunters way and parents being brutally honest to children. Movie is a delighting experience and pleasing experience overall with contradictions.


Winter tweeds


Tweeds are adorable and wins through every winter. For the last thanksgiving, Zara had a huge sale and I got lucky with this tweed coat. I stress on lucky because this was the only piece left and even better than that it is my size. I have passed by tweed jackets in the past not buying because it might look bulky on me for my body shape. This one overruled that by its length where its bulkiness compensated by the length which conceals my broad shoulders and gives a vertical illusion.


I did not stop with this coat. Ofcourse, I had to buy everything that made me feel lucky. The turtleneck sweater I am wearing here is also from zara. It is cozy and good enough for cold days. I styled them with old faded jeans and these killer boots from Aldo.



Here is the other look of this coat

So what is your take on tweeds? How lucky you got this winter?

Outfit details:

Coat – zara (soldout, here is the similar one); sweater – zara; boots – aldo (It is on sale); Bag – coach

Celebrate life, Embrace yourself

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Sapiens : A brief history of Humankind

I came across this book recently when I was reading gates’ 2016 book recommendation on his site. I love reading books but somehow the habit has been left behind. I do a lot of online reading and on my Kindle, but none of them are as satisfying as holding the book in hand and turning the pages while the eyes glued to the book. After I read Gates’ review on this book, I wanted to give this one a try.

I started the book immediately it arrived, just on time for the holidays. I still remember my excitement reading first few pages. If you are like me who always questioned our existence and our evolution and where it all started?, you will definitely love this book. This book is a big picture overview of humankind evolution from one of the animal species’ (hunters) to The humankind who live with assumption that we are dominant over all other species.

Harari, the author did a great job of connecting all the events and revolutions that happened in history, explaining it as journey that led to the very modern world we live in. By doing so, he made it easy for the readers so they dont have to walk through the aisles of the libraries and read every history book to just comprehend the overview on the humankind evolution. I am pleased by his approach on cognitive revolution, scientific revolution and shocked by him calling Agriculture revolution “a fraud in the history”. I dont want to spoil the curiosity by spilling out all the details.

The book is intriguing, engaging and easy to read although there are 412 pages and it took more time for me than any book. There were so many moments while reading the book, I looked away from the book, broaden my eyes and exclaimed “that is exactly what I thought”. I enjoyed every page of this book and found it more convincing even though there were some disagreements with author’s perspective.

I am glad I picked up this book to resume my reading habit. I would totally recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good read. This book is definitely a food for thought and right pick for people who are thirsty for knowledge.

If you have any goodread recommendations, I would love to know. Please let me know in the comments section below

Celebrate life, embrace your self