Three simple ways to style a lehenga

Never dreamt of a day that I’d styling lehengas and blog about it. Not that I have anything against it but it never made it to my closet until 2 yrs back. And the story of how I got my first lehenga was not of a fairy tale type, its quite the opposite.
It was one of those impulse buys that I was regretting until recently but not anymore. I purchased it 2 yrs ago on a whim, completely influenced by the sales rep at the store, paid more than a designer lehenga and the store has no refund policy that I didn’t know🤦‍♀️.
After all this, It went straight to the closet and never seen light until last month when I was purging my closet and found this set hidden in the shelf. Ever since I discovered it from the hidden pile, I wanted to wear it in as many styles as possible. And the fact that I’m able to fit into it might have contributed more to the my excitement in styling it.

Here are 3 simple ways I styled it so far:

  1. Lehenga skirt with plain navy blue blouse

    Although the idea behind this style is to dress down the lehenga, it actually done the opposite of dressing up the plain blouse. This entire look is totally me, easy to pick and style type.

2. Mix-and-match Sharara look

For the second look, I wore a front slit Kurti on the lehenga skirt which actually looks like Sharara. This kurti from Indya is such a versatile piece, I already styled in 4 different ways before and this one makes 5th style.

3. Half-saree style lehenga

This is the first time I’ve tried styling lehenga with the saree, wearing it like a half-saree. I’ve seen pictures of this drape styled on cancun skirt but the idea of recreating it was intimidating as the draping process looked complex and the fact that I’ve never tried any other drape than traditional Nivi drape before. To my surprise, this whole look took less time and effort than my usual saree draping session. I’m so happy with how the entire look turned out, I see myself styling the sarees this way more often.

Which style do you like the most!?

Dstylebook xoxo
Celebrate fashion

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