Organically made Cloth face masks

We live in extraordinarily difficult times. If anything thats seen through out the world during these toughest times is resilience. There are so many actions around the world that can be highlighted to show how resilient we are, during the pandemic. One of those acts I want to highlight here is wearing face masks. Amidst all the chaos and controversies, people show that they care and they take responsibility is by the simple act of wearing masks. The profound message it leaves to the people that are otherwise wrongly influenced is immense.4

We’ve paused the time when wearing any kind of mask is good. Because we’ve been wearing masks for the past 6 months and will continue to wear until we’re completely out of the pandemic. For the first few weeks, wearing single-use surgical masks were the only accessible and affordable option, and it was mandatory, so we all went along with it. Use and throw masks are gonna cost you more because you have to keep on buying them and they are not reusable, as I like to call it loss-loss. Now that we’ve acquired enough knowledge on what kind of mask is good for us and the planet, and we have multiple options that are easily accessible, its high time, we look towards the best sustainable option.

I’ve curated this list of stores that take extreme care in the fabrics used to makes these masks, and they look stylish too. Wear a mask but make it fashion

  1. Etsy
    Price : Starting at $1 for one mask

Etsy sure doesn’t need an introduction. They have wide variety of masks from small businesses that might be local to your area. If you’re looking to invest in local businesses that carry sustainable masks, Etsy would be the first place to start
Shop Etsy masks

2. Zaio NYC
Price : starting at $22

Zaio NYC is a Brooklyn based fashion brand specialized in sourcing the finest fabrics. When I wanted a cloth mask, this is the first local brand that I looked at, they have the cutest collection. My favorite is the lace mask from their luxurious collection. Please use code Divya20 to get 20% off your purchase
Shop Zaio Masks

3. Hyer Goods
Price: Starting at $20 (Donates a mask to essential worker for every purchase)

Hyer Goods is crafting affordable face masks, made ethically in Los Angeles. These cloth masks are made with deadstock fabrics and woven cotton. Also for every mask sold, they are donating one for an essential worker.
Shop Hyer Goods Masks

4. Passion Lillie
Price: Starting at $11

Passion Lillie is a fair trade fashion brand, designed in New Orleans and made in India. They carry pretty patterns and prints that are familiar to Indian eye :). They also have different options like Elastic strap, cotton ties and pockets to insert your own filters.

Shop Passion Lillie Masks

5. Anchal Project
Price: Starting at $20

Anchal Project is a well known brand for their role in women empowerment. Anchal’s cotton masks are made of fabric scraps, hand embroidered in India and sewn into a mask in Louisville. All the masks are pre-washed, sanitized and sealed in a bag for shipping.

Shop Anchal Face masks

6. Christy Dawn
Price: starting at $28

Christy Dawn is a sustainable fashion brand, uses leftover fabric and organic cotton to make masks. Designs are crafted in India and sewn in LA. For every mask purchased, 5 masks are given to people in need.

Shop Christy Dawn Masks

7. Threads 4 thought
Price : $10

Threads 4 thought uses recycled polyester and Lenzing Modals to make the masks and lined with organic cotton. They have some pretty prints and solid colors as well.

Shop Threads 4 thought masks

Celebrate fashion responsibly
Dstylebook xoxo

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