Historic Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Pearl Harbor is one of the must places to visit in Hawaii. It is a great historic place which is displayed and guided in a way that we can relive through that era. Submarine was the best experience in that list, that was the first time I saw inside the real submarine. I say it was incredible, I mean people lived their so many years without outside world contact.

Enjoy the pictures taken there and leave your comments.

It is so hot there in Hawaii, Hey I am from East coast.For the outfit, I chose white Denim shorts and sleeveless Denim shirt (Pulled off Denim on Denim 🙂 ). I finished my look with Denim shoes again 😛 and ofcourse my louis vuitton Metis. Yes I carried my Pochette Metis all over the trip. It is an easy go bag, I will make a post about it soon. Leave your questions and comments if you want to know more.







Outfit Details:

Denim Sleeveless shirt – Target.com; Shorts – Hollister Shorts; Shoes -Guess; Sunglass – Oakley; Watch – Marc Jacobs; Bag – Louisvuitton; Necklace – Swarovski

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day 🙂

Celebrate your style, DSTYLEBOOK


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