Honolulu sightseeing ootd

Hello gorgeous readers,

Hawaii vacation outfits and styling posts are here. Before I jump into outfit posts, I should say Hawaii is the most beautiful place I have ever seen so far. I could not take my eyes off and was admiring its beauty, I saw green everywhere I turn. It dint bore me with usual crowd and waiting unlike popular tourist places. This is definitely a get away place for me, only thing that sucks is journey time. I don’t want to bore you with all the talking. Let the pictures do the talking.






We visited Honolulu Botanical Garden as first thing in the morning. Now you can see, green everywhere :).





Next stop was Valley of the temples, Byodo in temple. This was famous Buddha temple in Japan. Temple was beautiful surrounded by pond full of Golden fishes.



Ofcourse we went to beach. I hope you liked this post. Leave you comments if you would like to see about Hawaii trip.

Outfit details: I styled a floral dress with sneakers and crossbody bag to be effortless all day. I put on some cc cream and lipstick to go with this look.

Dress – HollisterDress;  Shoes – Guess; Bag – Giani Bernini; Sunglasses – Oakley; Onlips – Marc Jacobs (Kiss); Watch – Marc Jacobs

Thank you for reading. 🙂



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