Bridesmaid outfit

Hello Everyone,

I hope everything is going well. It is an overwhelming feeling when one is asked to be a Bridesmaid. I think it symbolizes the relationship with the Bride. But in my case, I am not that close to the Bride. I met Bride only once and she asked me to her Bridesmaid, words cannot explain my feeling then. Ofcourse, she is one of the beautiful and good hearted persons I have ever met. This was the first time I dressed up to be Bridesmaid. I was born and brought up in India and now I am staying in United states. Because of staying overseas, I missed most of my close friends’ weddings.

Thanks to the bride for the invite :). Browse through my pictures to see how I styled my Bridesmaid outfit.

She chose Aqua Green dress from Target. I wanted this dress to be a focal point, so I chose all neutral accessories and some gold jewelry to support the occasion. Details about the outfit is at the end of the post. Enjoy the post








Outfit Details: Lace Dress – Target Dress; Shoes – Aldo; Rose gold Watch – Michaelkors; Clutch – Ipsy bag (Yes it is so pretty to be used as Clutch here :P)

Thank you for Reading :). Leave your comments.

Celebrate You Style #Dstylebook

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