5 Indian ready-to-wear labels to shop dresses from

My love for dresses has only grown exponentially in the recent years. Especially during and after pregnancy, dresses have become appealing choice to me. Obvious reasons would be the comfort level and easy decision making when in hurry, its just one piece of clothing, dont have to worry about picking matching garment to wear with it.

If you’ve been following me here or in my social media platform, you might already know that I’ve been choosing the brands mindfully ever since I decided to move away from fast fashion. In my recent trip to India, I’ve explored more about Indian home grown labels that are sustainable and practice ethical practices. There are so many brands that are taking cues and trying to make fashion sustainable and accessible to consumers need. I’ve a big list to go through but I’ve shopped from these brands recently and had real time experience of the quality of clothing and the customer experience.

  1. FabIndia
    FabIndia might not come as a surprise for a first choice knowing its popularity in and outside India. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them but when I was in India, I had in person experience. Shopping experience is amazing, every clothing, every item in the store is from different parts of India, its like traveling India on a road trip. I’m always looking for a good white kurti although I have collected quite a few over the years. When I saw this (wearing in the photo below), I knew I had to get it.

(click on the picture to shop for the kurti)

2. TheJodiLife
I’m a big fan of TheJodilife. I’ve been following them in Instagram for more than an year, every instagram post and story is artistic. Every time I see their post, I feel like I want that item in my life. I’d fallen for their unique patterns and designs, craftsmanship and there’s no doubt in the quality. Please see for yourself in Instagram (@thejodilife). So when I visited India, I ordered the dresses that I’ve been eyeing for so long and oh man, when I saw them in person, they were even prettier.

(click on the picture to shop for the dress)

3. Okhai
Okhai is an NGO organization, brings the fashion directly from textile artists to our doorsteps. I’ve been eyeing their website for so long, they have beautiful designs and sustainable fabric collection . Last month, I shopped few dresses from them and I was jumping in the cloud when I received the package. I’ll report on the quality when these go through laundry sessions.

(click on the picture to shop for that dress)

4. The Chalk Boutique
Chalk Boutique is one of the stores I was closely following in Instagram from their early days of business. They have ethnic designs and fabric selection is sustainable. Their sarees are popular but I went for the dresses. I ordered this dress from them an year ago, wore it multiple times already.

5. Jaypore
Jaypore is also a well known online brand that is beloved by their customers especially overseas, I’m no exception. I shopped these dresses from them like 3 yrs ago, they’re still in intact. I’m awed by the quality of the fabric and dye, both of these dresses never lost color after many washes.

P.S.: All links are straight from Store site, not affiliated/sponsored

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. If you know good brands to shop from, I’d like to check them out, please comment the store name/site link.

until next post,
Dstylebook xoxo
Celebrate fashion sustainably

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