Easy At-Home Hair removal Kit

This quarantine has put us in a position to learn so many things that’s normally outsourced. Grooming is definitely one of them. Some of the grooming techniques like hair cut and nails can be learnt quickly. But its a frightening thought to try threading at home and plucking is not an easy alternative either, its super painful. I’m sure I talk on behalf of so many people but most of us have never had an opportunity to do grooming at home unless you’re a professional.

But now, with quarantine situation, I had to figure out ways to do them at home. I’m sure most women must have already aced these but I cant do threading, dont have time or patience to learn. As per waxing, I’m okay to wax my arms and legs but cannot imagine waxing my upper lips and underarms by my own. I cant rely on Razors and hair removal creams longer as I’m afraid that will only reverse the effort and time I put into waxing and threading, I dont want my hair to grow back thicker.

So I did my research and tried a couple of options suggested by my friends and bloggers. After testing some tools and techniques, I’ve put together my very own at-home hair removal kit. The products and the related links are as follows:

Eyebrow Trimmer:
I ordered this trimmer from Amazon in May but dint want to recommend it right away as I was still figuring out how to use it properly. On the first trial, I was disappointed that it wasn’t as flawless as promised, I had to go over with plucker to get a clean shape. After couple of trials, and with the help of youtube tutorials, I figured the right way of using it. I’m happy to report that this trimmer is truly a life saver as everyone says.

EyeBrow Trimmer

Facial Hair trimmer:
This is the best trimmer I’ve ever used. Only thing I regret about this trimmer is that why I haven’t found it sooner. I use it for my upper lips, painless, very easy to use. I’m sure I’ll keep using this even after all this quarantine situation is over.

Facial hair Trimmer

Other Hair removal products that I’ve been using as an emergency kit before quarantine and pretty much rely on them very regularly:

  1. Dermaplaning Tool – I use it to clean out areas around the eyebrows and use it as a plucker when its hard to remove strands with eyebrow trimmer
Dermaplaning tool

2. Brow Shaping Scissors – To trim off those long strands to shape the brows

Brow Shaping Scissors

3. Nair Hair Removal Cream – I literally carry this with me whenever I travel, you might’ve seen me rave about this in Insta stories during my recent trip to India before pandemic. Its very much part of my emergency kit (for grooming :P).

Hair Removal Cream

4. Veet Wax Strips – Like Nair Hair Removal cream, these wax trips come very handy when my waxing sessions are delayed. Very easy to apply and remove, less mess.

Wax Strips

5. Trimmer – This is the last option I reach to when I’m really in a hurry. Otherwise I stay away from trimming/shaving. I like this one from Amazon for its easy-to-clean design and can be used in shower too.


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