Pack a Photographer to your trip with ShootMytravel

“Where are we going next?” popups almost everyday during tea chats with my husband. We both are travel enthusiasts and capturing the travel memories is the most important thing next to enjoying the trip ofcourse. Although we love photographing every sweet moment of our trip, we feel like its unfair and a burden to stop from enjoying the moments to shoot the pictures.

What it would be like to pack a photographer with us to our trips? I sure was dreaming until I found out about ShootMyTravel. I love this idea of hiring the photographer who are professional and local to the area so you can get some help in finding the perfect spots for the pictures. Rest assured! you can enjoy your trip and also have the moments photographed perfectly.

Coming to the travel destination SanFrancisco, Having captured a picture of me with Golden Gate has been a dream. When we booked a trip to California, I was over the moon but I knew I am going to torture my husband to take million pictures in front of Golden Gate. Thats when Alyse came to the rescue. Alyse is a professional photographer who works with ShootMyTravel and based out of SanFrancisco.

So I booked Alyse for one hour session. She is very friendly and helpful. I just told her I need some good pictures with GoldenGate in my backdrop, she picked the perfect spot. She met me at Warming Hut BookStore in Presidio and immediately made me feel excited about the shoot as opposed to my fear I’d felt until that point. Nobody expects this from a blogger, but it doesn’t come easy for me to pose unless the person behind the camera is someone who is very close to me like my husband or my friends. Alyse made me feel comfortable, talked through the shoot, helped me bring out the best angles and is really good at capturing candid moments, you can see yourself from the pictures below. She also suggested some really good places to visit during our trip, thats the advantage of booking the photographer who is local to the area.









Outfit Details:

Dress – Chriselle x JOA collection (Sold Out), I bought this dress as soon as its launched. Chriselle’s fan here. About the dress, its little tight and hard to zip even though I ordered a size up my normal size. On the other note, I love the color, fabric and the print. I haven’t washed it yet, I will keep you posted on this.

Bag – Dansel Lente (This exact color combo is sold out, a mini version is available). I posted unpacking story of this bag on Instagram. This one has traveled with me during my California trip and stayed intact, actually easier and handier than the first impression. I will continue use it for one more month or so and will do a dedicated post.

Shoes – Vans;
Sunglasses – Gucci (old)
Earrings – BaubleBar

Celebrate Life, Embrace yourself


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