Paint the town red

There is nothing like summer and strolling the town wearing the comfortable dress. Its a bonus if the dress looks pretty on you.

I always stay away from red because of the boldness that intimidates me, well thats until now. I feel more attracted to red lately because of the reason I dont know or I dont understand. I ordered myself a bunch of red dresses, pants and tops, but only few made it to styling and then the blog post. This dress is one of them. There are multiple reasons why all of them dint make it to the blog post, quality is one of them. I made a pledge to invest only in quality pieces from this year, a very detailed blog post about quality is on its way.

Since we are talking quality, I make a point to mention about the fabric and its sustainability. This dress is made of 100% polyster fabric and machine washable. I already washed it twice and it looks same, dint loose its structure or fade. If you want to check out the dress, here is the link:
If you can spot me in the Loft website, comment YES 🙂




Dstylebook xoxo
Celebrate fashion, embrace your style

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