A day in Chicago

Chicago has been a long awaited trip since I set my foot in United States, it has finally came to reality this summer. We planned this trip for two days, one day at my cousin’s and one day for Chicago downtown tour. We stayed at our cousins who live in Naperville, IL which is close to an hour drive to city, so we have not had to book a hotel. Since we got just a day to spend in Chicago, we got all touristy and did just that.

Being a kid at Navy Pier:

Our day started at Navy Pier which is where we parked our rental car as highly suggested by our friends and family both in terms of time and money and we were out to explore. Navy Pier is a carnival in the city, you have rides, ferris wheel, theater, restaurants, margaritas and ofcourse the view. You can be a kid again and have a really good time.






Amazing Chicago Architecture:

Since we parked our car at Navy Pier, we spent some time strolling through Navy Pier breathing in the beautiful view. We got our passes to Architectural boat tour which is totally worth the cost and the time (We paid 60$ for 75 min tour). This is one of the touristy things where you get to know the history of the city about the great fire and how the city’s architecture has evolved, totally a unique experience.





Look closely at Chicago Bean:

Next stop is Millennium park. Oh before that, we had deep-dish pizza from famous Chicago pizza place called Giordano’s. Millennium park is right in the heart of Chicago downtown which makes it great place for people to hang out. Thats one of the reasons why Chicago bean is always crowded and its hard to get a good picture.


See the city through Sear’s tower eye:

We were hungry again and could not get pizza out of our mind, so headed to another popular pizza place called Lou Malnati’s. We tried Malnati’s special pizza, the best Chicago I ever tried. When I think of Chicago, Sears tower flashes through my mind and gives me chills. Its because of my phobia of heights or to put it in a right way, the fear of falling. Yes, ofcourse I did it!! I gathered so much guts to step into that box and the rest is just beautiful. The moment I saw the view, I knew I did something right by getting over my fear to visualize something spectacular. Only downside is the wait which is almost 2 hours in our case.


We headed back to Navy Pier to get our car. To our surprise, there were fireworks. What a perfect end to the day!!! I could not ask for more. I hope you enjoy this post and find it useful to plan a trip. I would appreciate any suggestions and comments.


Celebrate life, embrace yourself

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