Black Friday Deals that are worth the money and of good quality

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you spend time with family at home and shop online this Black Friday.

I dont usually post about sales or discounts but this post is highly requested from my Instagram followers, so I have put together the list of products that I use on a regular basis and a happy customer. I hope you find it helpful

Before getting into the deals, I want to make it clear that the intention behind this post is mainly to share the good deals that I’ve found and used the products myself. If you dont see yourself buying stuff thats not sale then you surely dont need to buy them in sale.

Some tips on how to make better use of these deals:

  • Restock on items that you technically use in your daily routine.
  • Look for deals on large items like furniture, TV or electronics that you’ve been eyeing for some time.
  • Invest in experiences like spa or tickets which you can use after the Pandemic.
  • Research and invest in classic and timeless pieces like cashmere sweater, winter boots or classic jewelry.

I have shared more tips on how to be mindful during shopping on this post – How to make Black Friday shopping mindful and enjoyable

And dont forget to use Rakuten while shopping, because its free to use and you get cashback on your shopping. For some stores, cashback doubles for Black friday weekend. You can use the browser plugin if you are shopping online or enable Rakuten for your cards if you’re shopping in stores. If you dont have membership, signup here to get $40 to shop from Rakuten

I have only listed the products I’ve used in the past and using currently and know that they are of good quality.

Sephora has 50% discount on most of the products. I just bought my regular moisturizer (Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream), eye cream (OleHenriksen Banana Bright Eye cream) and hair treatment oil (Moroccan oil) from their VIB sale.

My shade is Tan sand

Value sets: Value sets are a good way to test out the products without paying full price for the product. These are some of the sets I personally have used before buying new ones.

Check out this post where I shared more details about these products – daytime and nighttime skincare products

Kitchen items:

Ninja coffee maker
There are so many coffee makers in the market and I haven’t tried them all. Out of 3 coffee machines we had in the past, this one became my favorite quickly and we got it during last year Black Friday sale. The brew is just perfect, not too diluted or not too strong, and have enough options to brew from one cup to a party of 6 at a time. My favorite part of this machine is the froth maker. I’m always fascinated by the froth maker and haven’t owned any before this machine. We love making cappuccinos with this coffee maker every single day.

Instant pot
By now, every household has at least one Instant pot. If you dont have it and you are in the lookout for appliances that makes your cooking easier and faster, then this is the best investment. Its technically an electric pressure cooker which has different timing options for different dishes. There are so many options to choose from, but if you dont have any specific requirement, its good to investment in standard 7-in-1 Instant post

Calphalon Non-stick cookware set
Calphalon non-stick pans are my favorite. I used to have a medium sized pan which lasted me for more than 3 yrs without a scratch, a rarity in non-stick pans. At a certain point, we became lazy to wash them in hand and started putting them in the dishwasher, that ruined the pan. So I had to throw it and invested in this set (from last years Black Friday sale) that has 3 pans, 1 wok, 2 pots and space-saving lids and made a note not to put them in dishwasher even though it says on the pan that its dishwasher safe. If you prefer non-stick, then this is a great investment. Just one Calphalon costs approximately 80$ full price so this set is truly a steal. I use them all on my meal-prep days

Soda Stream
This has been in our list for some time and we finally got it 2 months back. If you like to sip on sodas but looking to switch for a sugar free option, this is a great buy. After buying this, our consumption of sugary soft drinks like coke has went down a lot.

I’m always on the lookout for good bedding sheets, duvets and quilts. I have not been lucky in finding a good quality set for affordable price. I have tried various brands and retailers but so far, I found only Martha Stewart collection fits into my budget and high quality. I first got a summer quilt from her collection on Black Friday sale 2 yrs ago, the quality is amazing. After so many washes, it still looks very intact. I cannot say the same for other brands though. Here are some bedding sets I’m looking to get on this sale.

This Black Friday, I wont be buying any clothes especially winter clothes because I have nowhere to go. I’m sure thats the case for most people this year. If you’re interested, these are the stores from which I normally buy winter clothes, and I love the quality of their clothing:

Uniqlo – 40 to 50% off on winter wears. Thermal wears are for $19.90

Loft – 50% off sitewide

Banana Republic – 50% off sitewide

jCrew – 50% off, use code EARLY

Nadaam – High quality cashmere sweaters for $75

Aldo Shoes – I have 4 boots in total, each in different style. 3 out of 4 boots are from Aldo, I got them all during Thanksgiving sale. Best quality shoes I rely on for winter footwear.

Celebrate fashion in a sustainable way

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