Maternity shopping tips: How to shop for maternity clothes that’ll last beyond pregnancy

10 months postpartum, I still can incorporate my maternity clothes into my looks. Reason is the clothes that I picked for my maternity closet are that versatile. There are few tips and tricks that I followed while I was shopping for my maternity wardrobe. Here I am sharing them, so they don’t just last for 9 months but as long as you want to wear.

I dint have to think about maternity clothes during my first trimester. I was able to get my way through my closet until I was 5 months pregnant then things got uncomfortable I needed new bigger clothes. My main goal was to pick versatile pieces so I could wear them postpartum. I dont want to end up with closet started off slowly by looking for Maternity pants, lingerie, pajamas and then into dresses. Some of which I still use, I am really proud of the fact that I took time to research and invest in pieces that would fit me after the pregnancy as well.

So that rounds up to my Budget Friendly Maternity staples:

  1. Maternity Pants
  2. Pajamas
  3. Dresses and tops

Maternity Pants:

I think having a pair of pants that can fit your bump is staple, the size will change through your pregnancy so buying too many pieces at the beginning of the pregnancy will only go waste. My favorite ones are stretchy bump leggings and jeans. I managed my entire pregnancy with a legging, 2 pair of jeans and a pair of mom joggers, all of them were stretchy, I was able to wear them until my 9th month and 2 months postpartum.

Here are some of the pants/leggings I bought:
     Maternity Inset Panel Bootcut Jeans
     Maternity Crossover Panel skinny jeans
     Maternity CrossOver Panel Ponte Pants
     Maternity Seamless Belly Leggings
    Maternity Under Belly Jogger Pants


Pregnancy is when pajamas are not just for bedtime wear, they are the most comfortable daytime wear too. If I dint tell you until now, then this is the reveal that Uniqlo is the my favorite store for Pajamas, any basics in general. I’ve a pair of pajama pants from them that is 2 years old. I also love H&M, they have exclusive Maternity Pajamas section.

   Uniqlo pajama pants
   Uniqlo Jogger Pants
   H&M Loungewear

Dresses and Tops:

Dresses are as important as other staples I mentioned above. Once you cross that 20 weeks mark, you will not feel comfortable in any type of clothing but dresses. Like others, I chose the types that are wearable after pregnancy as well. Target and shoppinkblush are my favorite stores for dresses. Asos has great collection for Maternity wear too, my maternity photoshoot dress is also from Asos.

Looking for maternity tops were challenging for me, I mostly bought oversize tops and sweaters. Most of my maternity tops were from Destination Maternity, they have decent collection not so exciting designs. I got basic t-shirts and sweaters from Gap, they have good collection for Maternity. (Tops are the only items from my pregnancy I had to donate because they are too big for me now).

Links of some of the available maternity items that I shopped during pregnancy:

MotherHood Maternity top
Gap Maternity Top
Gap Full sleeve striped top
Gap Basic top
Gap T-shirt with writings

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