Danse Lente Johnny Bag – Review

As most requested in Instagram, here is my review on Johnny bag from Danse Lente .
(This is not a sponsored post)

If its not obvious from my posts, then this is the reveal that I love handbags. I am always looking for good designer handbag, I love to collect them. If there’s one part of the outfit that I choose wisely and carefully is not shoes but bags. I love bags in all designs and I have a saying that I work hard to earn money so I can buy handbags 😛

I love neat, sleek and not too feminine designs, thats why my first designer bag was Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis instead of traditional Speedy or neverfull. Theres a story behind how I decide on Metis bag which I will share in a separate blog post.

Like I mentioned, I like not too feminine designs, thats why Danse Lente handbags spoke to me. Danse Lente means slow dance in French. Youngwon Kim, the founder and the designer of the label, accomplished that modern luxury handbag design that are not necessarily feminine. I love all the designs from their label. If I am given a choice and money, I would get all their bags in every single color but Johnny bag was the one I was leaning towards more as my first bag. I say my first bag because I see myself collecting more designs from this label.

One thing that attracted me to the bag is the bucket bag design, its not slouchy or open like any other bucket bag in the market. I find the leather as easy maintenance and the highlight of the bag is the bulky handle, its made of grainy leather so its even easier to manage. The bag also comes with detachable shoulder strap. I got this bag an year and half ago, I cannot believe that I’ve been reaching out to this bag more than my LV Metis. Its spacious, very secure when it comes to the fear of things falling out of the purse and easy to travel even with baby unlike I imagined. Only con is that its not easy to reach to stuff inside the bag, you have to open the bag wide to look for the thing you want to take out but I manage it pretty well because I carry only few necessary items in my handbag.

Here are some detail pics of how the bag looks, click on the pics to shop for the bag:
(They are not making Johnny anymore, I linked mini Johnny which is the smallest version of the bag)

Johnny from DanseLente

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Until next post,
Dstylebook xoxo

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