Quality over Quantity

I have been meaning to talk about this topic for a while now. Before I start, few questions to know what is your take on fashion. What matters the most to you when it comes to clothes in your wardrobe? Do you want to have more clothes so that you dont have to repeat them often? Do you like to stick to classic and well made pieces that are adorned and worn multiple times? Do you not have a problem with wearing a clothing just once or twice and throw it away?  Do you want to keep coming back to a clothing piece that you loved and felt yourself wearing it? Which side do you find yourself leaning towards?

When I started blogging, pure intention behind blogging is to document my fashion journey. Somewhere along the road, I found myself lost in the world of fast fashion. To keep up with fast changing trends, I had to constantly look for trendy pieces but at an affordable cost, which has been my routine almost every week.

So I came across some online stores about which social media raves for their new trends and their affordable prices, I could not help but spread my wings and welcome them to my closet. Think about it, when you can get a cute top for $10 instead of $32, my instant thought would be oh now I can have 3 different tops for the money I used to spend for just one and I will have more options to wear. To keep up with fast fashion, it felt like an urge to keep buying the trendier pieces. Affordability and variety induced the shopping impulse to keep on ordering just to satisfy my fashion craving.  Fast fashion is another marketing strategy imposed on consumers to keep buying so that the retailers can assure their profits all year around not just four seasons which ended up loss-loss, oh think about how much they will be paying their workers to make the cheap clothing. Let’s talk more about that in a different post. Only after multiple purchases, it was starting to hit me. Finally all those impulse buys started revealing their original quality after their first wash, torn, faded and become wear-less, not even in a good shape to donate, I could not help but throw them away. Things like this make me cringe, this is not sustainable. I dont work hard to waste my money like this and feel terrible. Indirectly I am making a person somewhere in the world work hard for the choice I make and not paying them what they deserve. Thats cheating!!




About this outfit, The dress was from collaboration with Thredup 2 years ago which is still in pristine condition. Thredup sells vintage and second hand clothes that are in good condition, making sustainable fashion as their goal. This dress might be some years old but still looks new, best quality 🙂 .

To conclude this post, from here on, I will be making best efforts to wear sustainable fashion putting quality fashion over fast fashion.

DStylebook xoxo
Celebrate fashion, embrace your style


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