Romper in Winter

We are in the edge of winter but there is no sign of warm weather. With that comes the impatience in waiting to wear dresses and rompers. I am trying to wear appropriate to the weather and find ways to make more out of my closet. Hiding the cravings for summer colors is not easy, I am so ready for spring and the fun colors to play with.

On that, I love romper, its just one piece, easy maintenance and looks effortlessly ready. This particular romper I am featuring in this post is from H&M that was bought last summer. I styled it multiple ways in summer and actually wore it twice during my vacations. Follow my Instagram (@dstylebook) posts for more pictures. Without doubt, this is one of the favorite pieces in my closet. It just makes me sad when I have to pass on this while putting together outfits for Winter. But not today, I want to step up the layering game and wear this romper finally. So I layered it up on a pair of tights and completed the look with the leather jacket. I am now ready to head out slaying this romper as I always wanted to.






The romper I am wearing is from last summer, I have linked some similar ones here:




How do you like this look? If you have some ideas on wearing rompers in Winter, please do leave your comments

Dstylebook xoxo
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5 thoughts on “Romper in Winter

  1. PanacheMania

    Such a beautiful romper and love the way you layered it so well. I never thought of wearing romper like this but this looks like the perfect #ootd Thanks so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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