Shaklee skin care Review

I have sensitive skin so I stick to what suits to my skin and hardly try out any new product. Good thing about being blogger is I get to try new products and update my skin care regime in that journey and ofcourse sharing the experience. Shaklee Youth Skin care line is such an example. I see them everywhere on the internet but I have not tried by my own until Statusphere sent them over. With little hesitation and more care, I tried them.

2017-12-04 12.23.20 1.jpg

YOUTH is designed specifically to target aging at a cellular level. I am in my late twenties, dont have wrinkles or aging signs yet. But I think it is quite practical to start considering age defying products at this age. So I tried all three products and here is my review:

YOUTH Activating Serum: It claims that it has 10x the active ingredients to renew at the cellular level, support collagen production and make your skin cells act younger. I dont see noticeable difference in my skin other than making my skin dry.

Radiance C+ E Capsules:  These capsules contain 20% pure Vitamin C  and Shaklee claims that it is intended to restore radiance by reducing the appearance of age spots, smoothing skin texture and brightening skin tone. The capsules themselves are plant based, biodegradable and allow for a preservative-free formula. I like how they packed serum in a capsule to avoid too much product per use. There is a tingly sensation which is uncomfortable and it gets worse when used with serum. So I dont recommend using them both together.

YOUTH Activating BB Cream (shade 3): This 5-in-1 multitasking beauty balm provides buildable, blendable coverage to perfect the look and feel of your skin.  It evens, corrects, hydrates, nourishes and protects. Plus, it Includes a naturally-derived sunscreen to provide SPF 30 for UVA/ UVB Protection (If you are using any anti-aging product, you should never forget SPF in your life. Damage will be doubled if you skip SPF).

Final Thoughts:

Out of all the three products, BB cream is my favorite and I see myself using it again. I am not sure about capsules and Serum as they tingle my skin and I see white flakes the next morning. Part of the reason might be I dont know how anti-aging products work and what to expect from them or the tingling effects are just side-effects. To be honest, I wont be using capsules and serum again. For me, skin care has to be simple and if I dont feel comfortable with any product, then its not for me.

 *Standard Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I did receive samples for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.*


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