Denim culottes in 3 ways

“Culottes”, the style that makes me happy out of all fashion styles. It flashes an image of free flowing pant silhouette which looks flattering on my body and moves and dances as I move, it sure gives me free spirit wings. But when I saw this trend making entry into Denim world, it sure felt intimidating at first. Why, you ask? it is a whole lot of material that may look like you are in a sac bag. I figured out later that with right styling, it can actually look superchic which is what I always tend to be. Denim culotte is the queen of all the culottes I have seen so far. This is my crown that I am cherishing and want to wear every single day.

Outfit story: D has story behind every single piece in her wardrobe, this one has very special love story. As most of my inspirations, this started on Instagram. Chriselle, a fashion blogger was at one of her meet-and-greet events and her assistant was hosting the instagram stories, interviewing Chriselle’s fan. I saw a girl wearing denim culotte with the leather jacket. The glimpse was just 10 seconds, it was love at first sight. My hunt for the perfect one began since then. After hours of browsing the internet, I fell in love with the one from Target (The exact one was sold out, but I have linked similar ones at the end of this post). Everything was right until that daunting thought of me looking like rolled in a sac bag hit me. Eventually I stopped looking for them. One day I was online shopping for summer dresses at Target, this denim culotte appeared in my suggestion. This time, I dared to order it and rest was history ( lol I like saying that). It definitely is the one that I dreamed about, I have no complains about the fit and appearance. The wait was just until I got it delivered, the styling game started and did not stop till now :).

I found my perfect denim culotte, lets help you find that perfect fit and join the club.

  1. Look for the perfectly cropped flare one that hits right at mid-calf. If you are petite, cropped ones will look super flattering. If you are taller, you have so many options and can even try lengthier ones that gives a small peak of ankles
  2. Since the flare adds so much fabric and gives an illusion of big bottoms to the outfit, look for high waisted fit
  3. Choosing single shade of raw denim can be perfect, but going for sea washed denim can be interesting and chic

Here are some suggestions:

Levisdenimculottes.jpeg mediumwashtarget.jpeg Darkwashdenimculottes.jpeg

Those are the tips I found useful while shopping for denim culottes, leave a comment if you have tips/suggestions or any questions.

I styled the denim culottes 3 ways, this is just in 2 weeks time since I bought them. I am definitely going to wear them a lot ofcourse in different ways. Keep an eye on my instagram (@dstylebook) where I share my outfits daily.

  1. With cropped top: The cropped top is the perfect match for any highwaisted pants, it looks like coords in culottes case. Tight cropped top would have looked better, I dont own any. So I wore this tropical print cropped top with a belt and espadrilles.




2. Sleeveless white top: A white top/blouse with denim pants are the well known combo that never goes wrong. I have this tie front sleeveless ASOS top from last year which looked great paired with this culottes. I have added leather jacket and strap heels for that super chic look.






3. A statement top: Denim culottes are a statement by itself, adding another one will actually make them a big statement pair instead of looking like mis-paired. I have this choker necked windsor lace top which already made an appearance on the blog here, which worked perfectly for this look. Espadrilles and my metis baby were handy.


Levisdenimculottes.jpeg mediumwashtarget.jpeg Darkwashdenimculottes.jpeg
I love to read your comments, please leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you always for supporting what I love to do and showing so much love xoxo.

Celebrate life, embrace yourself xoxo

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