How to style a jumpsuit

Hello lovelies,

It is jumpsuit time ladies. A black jumpsuit is pretty much like LBD, it can be dressed up and down depends on how you want to play with it. It is flattering on all body shapes when you find that perfect fit for your body shape.
A jumpsuit which is fitted on waist and loose on the edges seems to be popular this season. If you are petite, look for the cropped style to avoid looking drowned in fabric. Accessorize it with basic tee, a crossbody bag and white sneakers to achieve a casual day look or wear it with blazer, a clutch and pointed heels for evening look.
Find that perfect one and style it your way girl!!

Outfit Story: I bought this jumpsuit from shein a long time ago (like 2 months) and was waiting for the warm weather to actually wear it. Fun fact is when I tried it on for the first time, it felt little tight on my waist. I thought I should return it then it occurred to silly me that I can take this as motivation to lose weight. Yeah silly me right? but for the fact, I did lose some weight over the period of 2 months lol and it fits me perfectly now. I swear this never happened before and this is the first time ever. I will take that as a sign and keep working out. Offtheshoulder top that I am wearing here is from Hollister last year, here is how I wore it last year. Jumpsuit and OTS can be fun when styled together as you will see in the pictures, definitely my style. I am between petite and regular as you might know by now, so I chose the cropped jumpsuit to compliment my height and I added the block heels for that extra length. The look is almost complete but I wanted to add that chic element to the outfit with the bowtie choker and my lazy sleek ponytail. I love the entire look, what do you guys think?






Outfit details: click on pictures below for the items that I am wearing

How do you like this look? I would love to know How you would have styled this jumpsuit?

Celebrate life, embrace your beauty xoxo

18 thoughts on “How to style a jumpsuit

  1. Divya you have done a good job on working out. You look really fit and that’s good that the jumpsuit motivated you to workout. Motivation is always good. I think Shein is becoming my current favourite.

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