Cute beanies and coats

Hello lovelies,

I hope this post finds you well. Hello winter, you arrive on time and stay longer. I know I blabber a lot about my love and hate relationship with Winter. Check out my previous posts for more of my blabbering.

If you are following me in instagram, then you know that I love winter wears a lot. I wish I can take photos of everyday outfit. It is kind of hard for me to stand in cold and pose for a photo, you can never see me smiling if I do. I am trying to squeeze in the photoshoots whenever it is a bit less colder and manageable. About the outfits, It is always exciting to layer up for cold. It does not matter what I wear inside my giant coats and long boots. Sometimes, I dont put much effort in doing my hair before I leave the house because I know my beanie can cover that for me. I feel like it needs minimal effort to achieve nice and clean look :P. Do you agree?

Here are some pictures of my recent outfits





Outfit1 details:

Dress – Windsor (old); Boots – Hush puppies (old); Tweed Coat – Zara; Beanie/hat – Forever21; Handbag – Michael Kors




Outfit2 details:

Leather jacket – zara(similar one); Graphic tshirt- bought from India; Jeans – Hollister; Lipcolor – Bitebeauty.

Have a happy holidays.
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