Some color in winter

After my India trip, My love towards traditional Indian wears (Saree especially) grew exponentially. Saree is one of the traditional wears rooted from India that comes in my 3 pieces saree, blouse and in-skirt (some call it petticoat). During my trip, I have collected some and stole few from my mom’s and mother-in-law’s (mil’s) closet and brought them with me. The saree that I am wearing in this post is my mil’s, she graciously gave it to me sharing her memories and the design story behind it. Yes, you read it right she designs most of her clothes. How pretty does it look?

I welcome winter with same enthusiasm as I do for any season, staying positive :-P. But cloudy mornings, early sunsets dont help me at all. My magic to change any mood is put on some good clothes, style them to my taste. This time I chose a Saree (a colorful one) with so many memories to cherish with the blouse that I can proudly say I designed it.

It is one of those cloud swing days constantly changing from sunny to cloudy and vice versa. There is a beautiful field next to my house which looks more beautiful in winter. I think pictures are doing justice to the place.




I loved this look so much, got so many compliments on that day. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Celebrate Life, Embrace your fashion

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