Lush skincare haul

Hello beauties,

As a girl, I always care about my skin from the day I realized it is the important thing for women. Don’t we wow when we see silky smooth baby skin? Every girl in this world would die for that kind of skin. Blame climate changes, pollution and Sun partially (makeup), but there is a small belief that one day we can get our hands-on magic potion that can make our skin glow. Isn’t that how we try all the products? Welcome to this beauty world!!!!! 🙂

I take very good care about my skin that it survived through my teenage without any acne problem.  I tend to rely on natural products for skin and body. I am the person who loves everything that is made natural. On that note, Lush is one of my favorite stores to shop skin care products.

I did Lush Haul recently, I am sharing some of the items I picked up from there.  All of their products are handmade, mostly natural ingredients. If you get a chance, stop by their store to check some of the items.






I hope you enjoy this post. Share your favorite products in the comments section below, I would like to try new products.

Celebrate Life, Embrace your beauty
Dstylebook 🙂


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