Red Pants

Hi Lovelies,

Red pants! Red Pants!.

I know we girls love our red pants. I think I love them little too much that I wear them almost with everything. For this post, I chose American Eagle outfitter pants. It has very subtle red shade to it and that’s what I like most about it. To go with these cute pants, I picked a white netted blouse from Forever21. I wore this outfit to shopping and then to a movie, such a comfortable go-to outfit.

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I watched Dead Poets Society yesterday. It sure was a quick mental getaway from routine corporate life. Oh man, I felt like I took a trip to other world and it is still so refreshing. Get out of routine life and do something you are always passion about. Life is more than what we do sitting at work earning for the rest of the life which we don’t know if it really exists. Carpe Diem Lovelies.

If you know movies like these please suggest. I would definitely like to watch.

Outfit Details:

Top – Forever21; Pants – American Eagle outfitters; Shoes – Vans ; Sunglasses – Gucci; Earrings – Kendra Scott; Necklace – Gorjana; Bag – Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis; on Lips – Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 216

See you on next post:):)

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