Saturday afternoon stroll at HighLine Park

I have been living here in East Coast for 5 years now. Whenever we have time and feel like, me and my husband love to visit New York City, stroll around for fun. My favorite thing is exploring new places at an instant. 5 years might look like a long time but this city never failed to surprise us. Every single time, we end up discovering a new place to hangout and ofcourse bragging about it to our friends until they get bored.

It was one such day, the day started with watching Angelique Kerber winning Wimbledon and Serena winning the fans’ heart although she lost the finals. After watering our garden and filling our tummies with food, an hour long ride to the city in the beautiful weather started. Initial plan was to visit Union square, hang out, have delicious chocolate shake from Max Brenner Chocolate place and return home. We did the same but the city and the energy is hard to leave so soon and so the google search started. “Hey look, there is an elevated park nearby that we never seen before” I said. Obviously he said “Ok then, lets go”.

High Line Park is an elevated park that is built in between the city buildings overlooking the pier and lower Manhattan. It has beautiful collection of floral plants, trees, refreshment stands and the park benches. Its such a beautiful relaxing place to just take a walk, or sit and watch people and traffic like I used to do in my childhood. I always envy NYC people but now it just got stronger.



There is art, beautiful collection of flowers and so the butterflies and the never ending city architecture.




There are also refreshment stands, we loved cocktail popsicles


and the pretty outfit that worked well for hot afternoon stroll




Outfit Details:

Dress – PiperandScoot (This navy color is sold out, linked a different color)
Earrings – Baublebar
Bag – DanselLente
Shoes – Vans

Celebrate Life, Embrace your style

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