Hello Winter

Hello lovelies,

I know winter is here. For most of us, it is a festive season and for few it is a scary season. I know how uncomfortable it feels to step out of the house. Sometimes I am haunted by the thought that I am gonna get frozen and may never come back home. I may be exaggerating but who should I blame, I did not grow up in such extreme weather situations. Festivals are around the corner and I hope all of you are spending/planning to spend precious time with family and friends.

I definitely have love-hate relationship with winter. I enjoy first snow as a baby watching it for the first time. I dont enjoy post snow situation and it actually makes me sad. I am sharing some of the outfits I wore in Winter ofcourse inside my coat. Let me know your thoughts.

I wore this first outfit for a party. I love wearing dresses for a party. It was such a lazy and cold day, I wanted to wear something warm. These highwaisted pants from Hollister came in handy and this party style crop top is from last season zara (how cute are those sleeves) and necklace is from Forever21




Second one is more kind of a casual outfit. I can safely safe that this Forever21 outfit. Lol, I dint realize that till now.




Leave your thoughts in the comments

Dstylebook 😡
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